Friday, June 11, 2010

Pepper Jax 6-11-2010

Had alot of things to do tonight, so we need something for dinner that would be fast, but we wanted something GOOD. Answer Pepper Jax!

I have to admit I always thought Pepper Jax was a big national chain. It is not, in fact the are a privately own local chain with 6 locations in Omaha and 2 in Kansas City. Pepper Jax has done a great job of building their brand here in Omaha. Normally locally owned business fail because they don't know how to build a brand to compete with National Chains. Pepper Jax has the brand to compete with the national chains, but unlike most national chains, that offer a fast meal alternative, Pepper Jax has great food, great service and a clean restuarant.

We went to the Ralston location
We had Great Philly's
We had Great Fries
We had Great Service
In a clean restaraunt
and it was FAST!

Normal when your talking about a fast meal, you get waited on by a scurvy looking character, who generally acts annoyed to have help you. But at Pepper Jax we got served by a personable, friendley staff. The kids behind the counter were engaging and you could tell were enjoying working there.

I can't say enough good things about Pepper Jax.

So you don't like national chains -
Good - Pepper Jax is LOCAL!
Go to their website read their story!

Pepper Jax
8406 Park Drive
Ralston Ne

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