Saturday, June 26, 2010

Donut Haven - 6-26-2010

My wife and I, stopped for a quick breakfast this morning on the way to pick up the kids from the grandparents house. We have been hearing good things about the Donut Haven in Millard and decided to give it a try.

The Donut Haven has a full selection of donuts, that includes a gigantic donut they call the Texas Donut. I think because it is the size of Texas. They also have biscuits and gravy, and some breakfast sandwich's on the menu.

My wife ordered the biscuits and gravy this morning, and of coarse I had a taste. Nice flaky biscuits covered in a great tasting sausage gravy. It was a rich, creamy white gravy that really hit the spot this morning.

I ordered the Texas Donut. Now there is not doubt in my mind I could tackle the challenge of eating the Texas Donut, but since it was going to be 100 degrees today, I didn't. I figured gorging myself first thing in the morning on the hottest day of the year would be a bad move.

Now I did make a big dent in it, and I have to say it was a good as it was big. They have a plain glazed and a chocolate. I got the chocolate.

Besides having great food the Donut Haven has great prices. We ordered biscuits and gravy, a Texas Donut and 2 Pepsi, we also ordered a Texas Donut to go. Believe it or not I got change back on my $10 bill.

If you haven't tried the Donut Haven yet. Why not? Great Food and Great Prices!

Donut Haven
13807 P Street
Omaha Ne - Millard

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