Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Johnny Sortino's 5-24-2010

Ok this is one of the easiest review I will ever do!
Sortino's has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember.
I don't know when Sortino's opened but I am 38 and I don't remember it not being on 78th and L Street. I am estimating that I have eating at Sortino's 2-3 a year and gotten take-out 4-5 times a year for atleast the last 20 years. Before that I don't recall but when we had Pizza growing up it was from one of two places, Sortino's or Pizza Keg and Pizza Keg has been gone for about 25 years.
So to make a long story short - I am fairly familar with Sortino's pizza!

We ordered the same thing we have ordered for years a Large Pizza and an order of Rings! Yes, if your not from around here, Onion Rings are the perfect partner for a Pizza.

This night we just had a hamburger pizza, but my favorite is hamburger and Canadian bacon and my wives is the Johnny Surprise. We had the kids with us, so we kept it simple.

Here's the deal - when someone asked me where to get a great pizza in Omaha, I have 3-5 places I mention, depending on what style of pizza you like, but every single time Johnny Sortino's is at the top of the list.

Now as for those Onion Rings - they are crisp and flavorful and even if your not a big onion fan - you will like these! TRY THEM!

If you haven't been to Sortino's - What wrong with you?
Get down to Johnny Sortino's - Order a Large Pizza and an Order of Rings and find out why my family and thousands like us have been going there for decades!

Johnny Sortino's
7880 "L" Street
Omaha Ne

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