Saturday, June 26, 2010

Donut Haven - 6-26-2010

My wife and I, stopped for a quick breakfast this morning on the way to pick up the kids from the grandparents house. We have been hearing good things about the Donut Haven in Millard and decided to give it a try.

The Donut Haven has a full selection of donuts, that includes a gigantic donut they call the Texas Donut. I think because it is the size of Texas. They also have biscuits and gravy, and some breakfast sandwich's on the menu.

My wife ordered the biscuits and gravy this morning, and of coarse I had a taste. Nice flaky biscuits covered in a great tasting sausage gravy. It was a rich, creamy white gravy that really hit the spot this morning.

I ordered the Texas Donut. Now there is not doubt in my mind I could tackle the challenge of eating the Texas Donut, but since it was going to be 100 degrees today, I didn't. I figured gorging myself first thing in the morning on the hottest day of the year would be a bad move.

Now I did make a big dent in it, and I have to say it was a good as it was big. They have a plain glazed and a chocolate. I got the chocolate.

Besides having great food the Donut Haven has great prices. We ordered biscuits and gravy, a Texas Donut and 2 Pepsi, we also ordered a Texas Donut to go. Believe it or not I got change back on my $10 bill.

If you haven't tried the Donut Haven yet. Why not? Great Food and Great Prices!

Donut Haven
13807 P Street
Omaha Ne - Millard

Pitch Pizzeria 6-25-2010

The kids had a slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's last night so, we treated ourselves to a night out that included a wonder pizza dinner at Pitch Pizzeria. Pitch Pizzeria is the latest venture by Omaha's "Godfather" of Pizza, Willy Theisen.

Located in historic Dundee, Pitch is an upscale Pizzeria, featuring thin crust pizza cooked in coal fired ovens. The crust is thin and light, with a slight crunch when you bite into it. The coal fire oven gives it a wonderful flavor. You choice of toppings consist of classic Italian meats such as peperoni, pancetta, prosciutto, fennel sausage, roast chicken and white anchovy. Other toppings include fesh motz, arugula, mushrooms, carmalized onion, roasted tomato, and many more. You can choose from one of their 8 recipes or create you own. Either way the toppings are fresh and very high quality. Besides the great pizza, Pitch has a variety and appetizers and sides to capture a wide range of taste. Pitch also has a full bar with a huge selection of beers and great menu of original drinks.

We had 2 pizza's, the "two peps" and the "shrooms". The "two peps" was topped with pepperoni and pepperoncini peppers, it gave you that classic pepperoni taste with a little tart and a little spice on top. The "shrooms" pizza was loaded with roasted mushrooms and roasted tomato's then drizzled with truffle oil. Both pizzas were great. We also had the roasted brussel spouts. These were not your typical brussel spouts, they were cut in half and roasted, then tossed with pancetta and romano cheese. WOW! if I could make brussel spouts like this we would have them more often.
This was a great meal.

This isn't a pizza place for the masses, but its sophisticated tasted will have mass appeal for people looking for a unique upscale pizza experience. Go give Pitch a try, it not your typical pizza joint! Seriously DO IT!

Pitch Pizzeria
5021 Underwood Ave
Omaha NE - Dundee

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucky Bucket Brewery 6-24-2010

Had a little fun on the way home from work tonight. I stopped at the Lucky Bucket Brewery and took the tour. Yes I said it, we have a production Brewery in town and they give tours. The tours are on Thursday from 4pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. They are 30 minute tours and run about every 45 minutes. The Lucky Bucket Brewery address is 11941 West Centennial Road in LaVista.

Now if all that wasn't enough to get you excited. On the same trip you will get to tour the Solas Distillery, which is located in a separate section of the same building. Solas distills JOSS Vodka and they are in the process of making a Rum and Scotch Style Whiskey.

The tour is really interesting they tell you about how they got started and the process they go through to make our favorite drinks. You will be amazed by the process involved in creating these drinks. It is an art form.

Just so you know, they do provide samples, for people of age 21 or older. I have already had the Lucky Bucket Lager several times, but I did not pass up the sample. The Lucky Bucket Lager is a great lager for most beer drinkers, it has a smooth balance of malt and hops. It has unique yet traditional flavor, perfect for most people.

Next I sampled the Lucky Bucket IPA an American India Pale Ale. This is more advanced flavor, for your people who crave that Full Hop Taste. The Lucky Bucket IPA has an "in your face" flavor with a little bite. It may not be for everyone, but the people it is meant for will be instant fans.

Our last taste from the brewery side was their limited yearly brew, called Certified Evil. It is a Belgian Strong Ale and it was my favorite. It is a dark beer with a very rich but smooth flavor.

Here is who I would describe it - say you average dark beer is like drinking a milk shake made with 2% milk - Certified Evil is like drinking a milk shake made with heavy cream. WOW!!!! So rich and creamy.

If that wasn't enough we got to sample the JOSS Vodka as well. Now I will be the first to admit, I am not a Vodka drinker, I generally drink Bourbon or Gin if I am having spirits. Now I need to find a drink made with Vodka that I like, because that was really good. The last time I took a drink of straight Vodka, I made a funny face and didn't like it. When I drank the JOSS, I made a funny face, because I was surprised just how good it was. I can't wait to try the rum which is coming soon. They Scotch Style Whiskey is in oak barrells aging for a few more years, but I will be their when it is ready.

You can find JOSS Vodka and Lucky Bucket Beers in most stores and pubs. I suggest you try some soon! I also suggest you get your friends together and go take the tour, it is entertaining yet educational.

Lucky Bucket Brewery and Solas Distillery
11941 Centennial Road
LaVista Ne

Sunday, June 20, 2010

LaCasa Pizza West 6-20-2010

Here is the deal! LaCasa Pizzeria has GREAT Pizza. One of the things that makes it great is its uniqueness. It is a Neapolitan style pizza with a very thin crust, with a slightly sweet crushed tomato sauce and Romano cheese. YES I said Romano cheese, not mozzarella. You can get it with motz, but their traditional recipe has Romano. Oh yeah it is rectangle in shape.

Now I am a big fan of Pizza and we have lots of great pizza here in Omaha, and LaCasa is one the the best. Here is the deal, with all the great pizza places, we find a ton of different styles. LaCasa is definitely one of the most unique. Now if you are someone that only likes a round pizza with mozzarella cheese, this might not be for you. LaCasa has a very distinct taste, and it is sooooo good.

If you have not been to LaCasa's yet, go try it. Be ready for a unique taste and try it. It will be like no other pizza you will have around here. Important note: They take Cash or Check only - No Cards at all!

LaCasa Pizza West
8216 Grover Street
Omaha Ne

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pepper Jax 6-11-2010

Had alot of things to do tonight, so we need something for dinner that would be fast, but we wanted something GOOD. Answer Pepper Jax!

I have to admit I always thought Pepper Jax was a big national chain. It is not, in fact the are a privately own local chain with 6 locations in Omaha and 2 in Kansas City. Pepper Jax has done a great job of building their brand here in Omaha. Normally locally owned business fail because they don't know how to build a brand to compete with National Chains. Pepper Jax has the brand to compete with the national chains, but unlike most national chains, that offer a fast meal alternative, Pepper Jax has great food, great service and a clean restuarant.

We went to the Ralston location
We had Great Philly's
We had Great Fries
We had Great Service
In a clean restaraunt
and it was FAST!

Normal when your talking about a fast meal, you get waited on by a scurvy looking character, who generally acts annoyed to have help you. But at Pepper Jax we got served by a personable, friendley staff. The kids behind the counter were engaging and you could tell were enjoying working there.

I can't say enough good things about Pepper Jax.

So you don't like national chains -
Good - Pepper Jax is LOCAL!
Go to their website read their story!

Pepper Jax
8406 Park Drive
Ralston Ne

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Bite CHEAP!

Here are a couple quick and cheaps eats in the Omaha area

Somedays you just don't feel a big lunch, sometimes you just need a little something to get through the day. Here are a couple ideas.

Sonic has a "Happy Hour Special" everyday 2pm to 4pm = 1/2 price drinks!

Sam's Clubs and Costco have a Nathan's Hotdog and a large fountain drink for $1.50

No Frills Deli has corn dogs for $1 each

Bag N Save's Deli has burrito's for $1

Franks Pizza you can get a slice for $2.25

Petrow's has a homemade slice of pie for $2.99

LaVista Keno has 50 cent tacos on Wednesdays

And for Dinner, Texas Roadhouse has $7.99 early bird specials and kids eat free on Mondays

Email your favorite specials under $10 to

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barley's - 5-30-2010

Saturday Night I took my wife to Barely Tip Top, in Omaha's growing NoDo area. This was our first trip to Barley's new Omaha Location, but not our first trip to Barley's. When I worked in Council Bluffs from 2003-2006, we had eaten at Barley's frequently. In fact Barley's is one of our favorite places to eat in CB.

Now I haven't been to Barley's in a couple years, but I did not need to look at the menu! I have been craving one of Barley's famous Club Burgers! After 4 years it is still one of the most unique, best tasting burgers around. Image taking a club sandwich, kicking out the turkey, replacing it with an juicy hamburger, and using a dark rye bread. WOW it is SO good!

I never had anything that wasn't good at Barley's, but the Club Burger is my favorite. When I used to eat lunch there alot, the always had great lunch specials, sounds like that hasn't changed.

Just like Barley's in CB, the Omaha location has the same great food and friendly people. We were there early for supper, but I hear the late night is hopping too!

If you haven't been to Barley's - GO! Omaha or CB they are both great!
Barley's Tip Top
1510 Cumming Street
Omaha Ne

Barley's CB
114 West Broadway
Council Bluffs IA

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Johnny Sortino's 5-24-2010

Ok this is one of the easiest review I will ever do!
Sortino's has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember.
I don't know when Sortino's opened but I am 38 and I don't remember it not being on 78th and L Street. I am estimating that I have eating at Sortino's 2-3 a year and gotten take-out 4-5 times a year for atleast the last 20 years. Before that I don't recall but when we had Pizza growing up it was from one of two places, Sortino's or Pizza Keg and Pizza Keg has been gone for about 25 years.
So to make a long story short - I am fairly familar with Sortino's pizza!

We ordered the same thing we have ordered for years a Large Pizza and an order of Rings! Yes, if your not from around here, Onion Rings are the perfect partner for a Pizza.

This night we just had a hamburger pizza, but my favorite is hamburger and Canadian bacon and my wives is the Johnny Surprise. We had the kids with us, so we kept it simple.

Here's the deal - when someone asked me where to get a great pizza in Omaha, I have 3-5 places I mention, depending on what style of pizza you like, but every single time Johnny Sortino's is at the top of the list.

Now as for those Onion Rings - they are crisp and flavorful and even if your not a big onion fan - you will like these! TRY THEM!

If you haven't been to Sortino's - What wrong with you?
Get down to Johnny Sortino's - Order a Large Pizza and an Order of Rings and find out why my family and thousands like us have been going there for decades!

Johnny Sortino's
7880 "L" Street
Omaha Ne