Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucky Bucket Brewery 6-24-2010

Had a little fun on the way home from work tonight. I stopped at the Lucky Bucket Brewery and took the tour. Yes I said it, we have a production Brewery in town and they give tours. The tours are on Thursday from 4pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. They are 30 minute tours and run about every 45 minutes. The Lucky Bucket Brewery address is 11941 West Centennial Road in LaVista.

Now if all that wasn't enough to get you excited. On the same trip you will get to tour the Solas Distillery, which is located in a separate section of the same building. Solas distills JOSS Vodka and they are in the process of making a Rum and Scotch Style Whiskey.

The tour is really interesting they tell you about how they got started and the process they go through to make our favorite drinks. You will be amazed by the process involved in creating these drinks. It is an art form.

Just so you know, they do provide samples, for people of age 21 or older. I have already had the Lucky Bucket Lager several times, but I did not pass up the sample. The Lucky Bucket Lager is a great lager for most beer drinkers, it has a smooth balance of malt and hops. It has unique yet traditional flavor, perfect for most people.

Next I sampled the Lucky Bucket IPA an American India Pale Ale. This is more advanced flavor, for your people who crave that Full Hop Taste. The Lucky Bucket IPA has an "in your face" flavor with a little bite. It may not be for everyone, but the people it is meant for will be instant fans.

Our last taste from the brewery side was their limited yearly brew, called Certified Evil. It is a Belgian Strong Ale and it was my favorite. It is a dark beer with a very rich but smooth flavor.

Here is who I would describe it - say you average dark beer is like drinking a milk shake made with 2% milk - Certified Evil is like drinking a milk shake made with heavy cream. WOW!!!! So rich and creamy.

If that wasn't enough we got to sample the JOSS Vodka as well. Now I will be the first to admit, I am not a Vodka drinker, I generally drink Bourbon or Gin if I am having spirits. Now I need to find a drink made with Vodka that I like, because that was really good. The last time I took a drink of straight Vodka, I made a funny face and didn't like it. When I drank the JOSS, I made a funny face, because I was surprised just how good it was. I can't wait to try the rum which is coming soon. They Scotch Style Whiskey is in oak barrells aging for a few more years, but I will be their when it is ready.

You can find JOSS Vodka and Lucky Bucket Beers in most stores and pubs. I suggest you try some soon! I also suggest you get your friends together and go take the tour, it is entertaining yet educational.

Lucky Bucket Brewery and Solas Distillery
11941 Centennial Road
LaVista Ne

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