Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lansky's 5-22-2010

Grabbed a quick bite to eat Saturday night at Lansky's. Lansky's has three locations in the metro area - one in Bellevue on HWY 350, one on North Broadway in CB and the original on 50th & L in South Omaha. We ate at the 50th and L location, which is a building with a strong culinary history. The very popular Little Willy's Cafe was located there for most of the 70's and 80's. Today the tradition of great food lives on today in Lansky's.

Now Lansky's is a great place to go when you don't know what you want. We had that problem on Saturday, we were hungry but could not decide what we felt like. Lansky's was the perfect solution. They have Pizza, Pasta, Calzones, Phillys, and large selection of sandwich's, Soups, Salads, and a great selection of appetizers. We both decided on the Philly's. As usual the food was great. This was not our trip to Lansky's, we have been to all 3 locations and have sampled a good chunk of the menu over the years and I can assure you everything is really good.

Lanskys is a great casual dinning option! It's LOCAL and It's TASTY!

Next time you don't know what you what - Just go to Lansky's!

50th & L Street
Omaha NE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dundee Double Shot 5-19-2010

I visited a nice little coffee shop on the edge of Dundee today. The Dundee Double Shot at 118 North 50th Street is a nice little coffee shop which sits right behind the Kohls Pharmacy on 50th & Dodge.

The Double Shot is a simple little shop with great bold coffee aroma and a friendly atmosphere.
The choice blends for today were the Northwest and Kona. I asked the owner for her suggestion. She suggested the Northwest blend. I told her if I liked it, I'd blog about it. Obviously I liked it.

The Northwest blend was a great suggestion for my taste. It had a nice rich but smooth flavor, perfect for a mid morning pick me up.
Next time your in the area, stop in and have a cup at the Dundee Double Shot.

Dundee Double Shot
118 North 50th Street
Omaha NE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mangia Italiana 5-18-2008

For some time I have been hearing about a little Italian place up in Irvington that had great food. Well today I spent the day working in that area, and had my sights set on giving Mangia Italiana a try.

I will admit, I was a little skeptical, was it really as good as people had told me? Well when I walked through the door, the wonderful aroma hit me in the face and I knew I was in for a treat! The blend of scents coming from the kitchen were hypnotic. I could not wait to get a slice of pizza. So I ordered up a slice and headed out to eat it. WOW, warm cheesy pizza with real tomato pizza sauce and a wonder blend of Italian seasonings that just melted in your mouth. I am a believer! Irvington has a slice of Little Italy and Mangia Italiana is it!

Now this is not a sit down restaurant, they have take-out and some limited delivery. Sounds like they do alot of catering as well. But I encourage you go up to Irvington and find this tiny little Italian place and experience the giant flavors they provide.

I heard they got great Italian sausage sandwichs, so that will be my next stop, even though I might have to get a slice of pizza too.

Take it home, take it to a picinic, hell take a slice a pizza to the car like I did. Just go try it!
By the way check out their webpage and read the story behind the restuarant. The great food won't suprise you after your learn about their pedigree.

Mangia Italiana
6516 Irvington Road
Omaha Ne

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Downtown Coffee Shop 5-16-2010

My wife and my mother went to breakfast this morning after walking a 5k. They went to a little diner in Old Towne Bellevue, that none of us had been to yet. They had a wonderful home cooked breakfast and told me all about it. Oh and by the way, they weren't holding a to-go container when they walked through the door, so I was disappointed.

They were very happy to find this hidden jewel in Old Towne Bellevue. Located on Misson Ave, this simple little diner is an epicenter for hometown cookin. They had the bacon omelet and the ham & cheese omelete. Both had light and fluffy eggs and loaded with alot of stringy cheese and plenty of bacon and ham. Sounds like the menu is loaded with home cooked classics for breakfast and lunch.

Have you been to the Downtown Coffee Shop in Old Towne Bellevue? I haven't, but I am going! See you there!

Downtown Coffee Shop
119 West Mission Ave
Bellevue Nebraska

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Louie M's Burger Lust 5-8-2010

Took my wife to Louie M's for breakfast last Sunday. I have taken her there for burgers several times since we met, but she had never been there for breakfast. As always the food was incredible. Louie M's has a wonderful selection on its menu. You can have a breakfast classic or you can have some of their unique selections, like a krab and cream cheese omelet.

We went old school on our order. My wife had the biscuits and gravy and I had the big stack of pancakes. Like always we share taste and the biscuits and gravy were great. The light flaky biscuits, were topped with a creamy gravy that had a ton of chunks of flavorful sausage. The pancakes were a delicious belly full and I loved them. There was 3 of them, and they were the size of the plate, warm and fluffy. I made it 3/4 of the way through them, but gave up, very full and satisfied. We had wonderful service in a classic dinner on a beautiful morning.

Louie M's is one of the places I recommend to friends visiting Omaha. The burgers are legendary and the service and atmosphere make you feel like you have been there 100 times, even on your first visit.

If you haven't been to Louie M's - Well get up and go! Breakfast or Lunch you will be pleased.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Mama's Kitchen 5-12-2010

After hearing so much about Big Mama's Kitchen over the last year. I finally had the chance try it for myself. It was absolutely incredible!

I had the Afro Burger, so spicy and flavorful, yet not too spicy. It was just right. It was served with a side of slaw. The slaw was a smooth contrast to the big flavor of the burger. I also got to try collard greens for the first time. I will be honest, I did not think I would like it them, but WOW I loved them. I can't wait to have a big bowl of them. The broth the greens were cooked in was so rich and tasty, I can't find the words to decribe it?

I saw alot of people eating the fried chicken, and it looked REALLY good, I will be trying that, but I first want to go have the catfish. I am a huge catfish fan and I have a feeling they do it right at Big Mama's.

On top of the great home comfort food, the service was wonderful. A young girl named Britany waited on us today, and she really went out of her way to make us feel at home. She knew all about the food and the history of Big Mama's kitchen. She was the one that got me to try the greens. Big Mama herself paid us a visit. She is a very charming lady, who loves what she does and it shows. She told us she just cooks the way her Mom and Grandma taught her.

Going to Big Mama's was like dropping by an old friends house, and staying for lunch! It's a comfortable place with comfort food, and friendly folks!

If you haven't been to Big Mama's yet, you are missing out on a special place!

Big Mama's Kitchen
3223 North 45th Street
Omaha Ne

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kennedy's Irish Pub 5-8-2010

Saturday Night was date night. I took my beautiful wife out for dinner and drinks. We made our first visit to Kennedys Irish Pub, just north of 72nd and Q. We were there early in the evening. It was a very nice sports bar / Irish pub. I sounds like later in the evening, it morphs into a hopping hot spot, with music and great drink specials.

We had a very nice dinner. My wife order the patty melt sliders, and loved them. I ordered the "Kennedy" sandwich. It was a bbq brisket sandwich topped with coleslaw and french fries, all put between two pieces of marble texas toast. I really enjoyed it, there was alot of things going on in that sandwich. It was fun to eat and extremely filling. Both sandwichs came with a choice of fries, we both got the sweet potato fries. No matter what you order at Kennedys you have to try these sweet potato fries - they ROCK!

Next time I have to try the Pork Tenderloin. I heard it is gigantic and delicious. When Kennedy's was recommended to us, it was the pork tenderloin that was suggested. So we will have to make another trip.

Back in college we used to go to "penny pitcher night" at a place called Dooley's. Dooley's is long gone, but Kennedy'd has brought the greatest beer special of all-time back to Thursday nights. Yes, I heard they have penny pitcher with a $6 cover charge on Thursday nights.

Try out Kennedy's - there is something for everyone!

Kennedy's Irish Pub & Grille
5170 South 72nd Street
Omaha Ne

Zesto's 5-4-2010

Took the family to Zesto's for ice cream. What a treat! I have been going to Zesto's since I was a kid, and despite changes in ownership the ice cream has remained one of the best anywhere.

Besides having the ledgendary soft-serve cones, we tried an order of the cheese balls. This is something we have had at many places, because my daughters love them. Zesto's were different than the rest. The coating tasted like the cheese frenchies Mom made when I was a kid. We really liked them. My daughter has been asking to go back.

Also found out that Zesto's is going to move when the stadium moves. They are going to be located on 12th and Webster. It will be sad to see a South Omaha landmark move, but it is wonderful that Zesto's will live on and stay a apart of the CWS!

If you have not been to Zesto's or have not been there in years. Make it a priority to get there this Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is an Omaha landmark!

3901 South 13th Street
South Omaha Nebraska

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DJ's Dugout 5-1-2010

We had a full day on Saturday. We ended our night with a drink at DJ's Dugout in Bellevue. DJ's is a great place to watch sports or just hang out. It seems to be always full of good spirited people. I have eaten there serveral times but this time it was just drinks. My wife had a Blue Hawaii, which she said was as good as the one we had in Maui. I just ordered a beer. Our server asked if I wanted the big draw that they had on special for $4.75, I said sure! She proceed to bring me a popcorn bucket full of beer - WOW what a special.
If you like sports, good folks, great food and nice specials. - Check out DJ's

DJ's Dugout Sports Bar
10308 South 23rd Street
Bellevue Ne

Piccolo Pete's 5-1-2010

In February I made reservations to eat at Piccolo Pete's on the evening of the Berkshire Meeting. So after enjoying the expo and some drinks downtown, we met my parents for dinner.
Now we have been to Piccolo Pete's countless times over the years. We have always had great food and great service - Saturday night was no exception.

Here is the thing about Piccolo's - you won't leave hungry! The meals came with soup, salad, bread, choice of potato and a veggie. The steaks always seem to be bigger that listed. Not only is there alot of food, but it all taste great. Not only did it taste great on Saturday, but it is like that every time we go there.

Here are some of my favorite things about Piccolo's.
1. Great Service - the ladies that take care of you, have been there forever and they are the best in the business. Your order will be fast and right every time - with a smile, no matter how big the crowd.
2. Great Chef's - they get the steak wellness right every time.
3. The salads - yes believe it our not the salads. I love the 1/2 and 1/2 blue cheese dressing
4. The atmosphere - it's an old school Omaha Steakhouse - with a ton of history. Great food and great people.

Found a couple new things I liked. The soup was chicken and rice. I have never had it before, but it was like grandma used to make! Smooth and creamy with tons of flavor.
My Dad had the fried chicken - it was excellent too. I normally stick to steak or Italian at Piccolo's but I will have the fried chicken in the future.

I have been a huge fan for years, and will continue to be.

If you have not been to Piccolo Pete's - GO today!

Piccolo Pete's
2202 South 20th Street
Omaha Ne

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock Bottom Gold Medal Tap 5-1-2010

After checking out the expo at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, my wife and I walked over to the Old Market. We stopped at the Rock Bottom Gold Metal Tap on the corner of 11th & Harney. We just stopped to have a cold drink and enjoy their cozy patio. The day was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.

The staff was really friendly and attentive, eespecially our server Melissa who really made us feel at home. We both tried one of the drink specials for the Kentucky Derby. My wife had drink called a "Derby", it was a fruity drink made with cherry infused Jim Beam and served in a martini glass. She gave it a thumbs up and would definitely have it again. I had a Mint Julip in honor of the Derby, and I will have one again next year on Derby day, but not until then. It wasn't that it was not made right, Mint Julips just aren't my favorite.

I will go back to the Rock Bottom again for the great atmosphere and excellent service. If you're in the old market on a nice day, stop and have a drink on their patio.

Rock Bottom Gold Medal Tap
1101 Harney Street
Omaha Ne
Old Market