Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barley's - 5-30-2010

Saturday Night I took my wife to Barely Tip Top, in Omaha's growing NoDo area. This was our first trip to Barley's new Omaha Location, but not our first trip to Barley's. When I worked in Council Bluffs from 2003-2006, we had eaten at Barley's frequently. In fact Barley's is one of our favorite places to eat in CB.

Now I haven't been to Barley's in a couple years, but I did not need to look at the menu! I have been craving one of Barley's famous Club Burgers! After 4 years it is still one of the most unique, best tasting burgers around. Image taking a club sandwich, kicking out the turkey, replacing it with an juicy hamburger, and using a dark rye bread. WOW it is SO good!

I never had anything that wasn't good at Barley's, but the Club Burger is my favorite. When I used to eat lunch there alot, the always had great lunch specials, sounds like that hasn't changed.

Just like Barley's in CB, the Omaha location has the same great food and friendly people. We were there early for supper, but I hear the late night is hopping too!

If you haven't been to Barley's - GO! Omaha or CB they are both great!
Barley's Tip Top
1510 Cumming Street
Omaha Ne

Barley's CB
114 West Broadway
Council Bluffs IA

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