Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mangia Italiana 5-18-2008

For some time I have been hearing about a little Italian place up in Irvington that had great food. Well today I spent the day working in that area, and had my sights set on giving Mangia Italiana a try.

I will admit, I was a little skeptical, was it really as good as people had told me? Well when I walked through the door, the wonderful aroma hit me in the face and I knew I was in for a treat! The blend of scents coming from the kitchen were hypnotic. I could not wait to get a slice of pizza. So I ordered up a slice and headed out to eat it. WOW, warm cheesy pizza with real tomato pizza sauce and a wonder blend of Italian seasonings that just melted in your mouth. I am a believer! Irvington has a slice of Little Italy and Mangia Italiana is it!

Now this is not a sit down restaurant, they have take-out and some limited delivery. Sounds like they do alot of catering as well. But I encourage you go up to Irvington and find this tiny little Italian place and experience the giant flavors they provide.

I heard they got great Italian sausage sandwichs, so that will be my next stop, even though I might have to get a slice of pizza too.

Take it home, take it to a picinic, hell take a slice a pizza to the car like I did. Just go try it!
By the way check out their webpage and read the story behind the restuarant. The great food won't suprise you after your learn about their pedigree.

Mangia Italiana
6516 Irvington Road
Omaha Ne

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