Sunday, May 16, 2010

Downtown Coffee Shop 5-16-2010

My wife and my mother went to breakfast this morning after walking a 5k. They went to a little diner in Old Towne Bellevue, that none of us had been to yet. They had a wonderful home cooked breakfast and told me all about it. Oh and by the way, they weren't holding a to-go container when they walked through the door, so I was disappointed.

They were very happy to find this hidden jewel in Old Towne Bellevue. Located on Misson Ave, this simple little diner is an epicenter for hometown cookin. They had the bacon omelet and the ham & cheese omelete. Both had light and fluffy eggs and loaded with alot of stringy cheese and plenty of bacon and ham. Sounds like the menu is loaded with home cooked classics for breakfast and lunch.

Have you been to the Downtown Coffee Shop in Old Towne Bellevue? I haven't, but I am going! See you there!

Downtown Coffee Shop
119 West Mission Ave
Bellevue Nebraska

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