Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dundee Double Shot 5-19-2010

I visited a nice little coffee shop on the edge of Dundee today. The Dundee Double Shot at 118 North 50th Street is a nice little coffee shop which sits right behind the Kohls Pharmacy on 50th & Dodge.

The Double Shot is a simple little shop with great bold coffee aroma and a friendly atmosphere.
The choice blends for today were the Northwest and Kona. I asked the owner for her suggestion. She suggested the Northwest blend. I told her if I liked it, I'd blog about it. Obviously I liked it.

The Northwest blend was a great suggestion for my taste. It had a nice rich but smooth flavor, perfect for a mid morning pick me up.
Next time your in the area, stop in and have a cup at the Dundee Double Shot.

Dundee Double Shot
118 North 50th Street
Omaha NE

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