Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smashburger 7-1-2010

I had lunch at Smashburger the other day. It is a franchise the is mutlipling across the metro area, with locations in the L Street Marketplaces, 72nd and Jones and a new locations coming to Bellevue.
Smashburger get it's name from the way they cook their burgers. They cook them on a hot griddle and continually smash them. This gives you a nice thin but wide patty with a nice carmelized outside and a moist inside. I cook my burgers at home like this sometimes. So I found this to be a really good burger place.
Now I did have an unexpected surprise at Smashburger, the Smash Fries!

To give you a little background, I AM a french fry purest. I strongely believe a french fry should be a cut from real potato, fried in oil and seasoned with salt, nothing else. I generally curse, being creative with french fries, and praise the old addage "less is more". But I had heard some many people rave about the smash fries. So I put my predjudice aside and tried them.

A Smash Fry is a thin french fry, cooked in hot oil, then tossed in a little olive oil. rosemary, garlic and I think asiago cheese. I will admit, they were GOOOOD. They had a light but bold flavor and were very additive. So maybe there is a little room for creativity in fries, but lets not over do it.
Most people mess it up, but Smashburger got it right.

I will have to warn you that Smashburger is not a place for big groups, if your going at peak times and want to sit together. It is a fairly small shop, quite a few seats, inside and outside, but it is more suited for groups of 4 or less. Its has a modern look, but it is still cozy!

So go give it a try and get the Smash Fries for SURE!!

L Street Marketplace
12330 K Street
Omaha NE

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