Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is There Any Place I Don't Like?

So I get this question posed in different ways all the time.
Is there any place you don't like?
How can you love every place you go to?

Here is the deal.
I don't like every place I go to
There are plenty of places I would never step foot into again.
I just don't write about them. I will admit sometimes, I will give someplaces a second chance, if I think it might have just been a bad day, bad order choice or I got the one bad server in the place.

When I started my blog I made a conscious desicion not to be a critic, instead be a guide for people looking for good places to eat in the metro.

I also do a little research on the places I do go. I find out what they do really well and pick those items to eat. I talk to alot of people about their favorites places to eat, and I always ask what they order. I look at the restuarants website and check out the menu in advanced. I aways ask the server what they like or what's popular. This has improved my dinning experiences.

My goals is for people to go to my blog and waste no time finding a good place to eat.
Besides the fact even though I may not like someplaces, somebody does or they would be out of business.

I hope this answers these questions.

Besides My Mama Always Said - "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't waste your time blogging about it"

Also this is Omaha YUM - for Yummy Food
But I this give my an idea for a sister site - Omaha YUCK! Places to avoid eating in the metro.

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