Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zemog's Cocina Mexicana

On the corner of 108th and Q Street sits a great little Mexican restaurant called Zemog's Cocina Mexicana. Translated Zemog's Cocina Mexicana means Zemog's Mexican Kitchen. That is what the experience feels like at Zemog's, like hanging out at a friends house while they cook up some great food in the kitchen that is just feet away! We went to Zemog's twice in the last month. We were thrilled with the food and the service both times! Not only did we find some dishes we loved but the staff was friendly and fun. This made our experience fun on top of the great food.

After being seated, you are greeted by your waitress with fresh made chips and some of their home-made salsa. When I said the chips were fresh, I mean warm right out of the cooker! The salsa has ton a flavor and a little heat. I would classify the salsa in between mild and medium, as far as heat. I would classify the flavor as off the charts! Now as good as the salsa is, I will also suggest you get a cup of their White Que-so Dip. I promise you, we will not go to Zemog's with out ordering the White Que-so Dip!!!!! This is awesome! If they made a tooth paste in this flavor, it would be the only thing I used. For those of you that can't take a hint. You really need to try the White Que-so at Zemog's.

As for our entree's my wife ordered the same thing both trips, the Zancho. "Zancho... Just like a Sancho but better! This 12 inch tortilla is filled with refried beans, seasoned beef, chipotle sauce, sour cream, onion, cheese, tomatoes and black olives, then it's topped with our delicious White Queso." The folks at Zemog's must of designed this dish just for my wife. It has all of her favorite ingredients wrapped in a soft tortilla and topped with that family favorite White Que-so Dip. This dish is perfect for someone who loves loaded nacho's. Hey, it's loaded nacho's in a wrapper. So when your Mom's says "you can't have nacho's for dinner - that's a snack, you need a well balanced meal" Well now you can order that Zancho, and have everything you like and Momma will be happy too!

I ordered different things both trips. The first trip I ordered the Mogzilla Gringo Enchilada. "The Mogzilla Gringo Enchilada... Hungry carnivores, we are here for you! We take a 12 inch flour tortilla, cram it full with almost a pound of taco meat and onion, drench it in our mild red garlic sauce and a quarter-pound of cheese. It's pretty big. Seriously" To translate - Mogzilla Gringo Enchilada means... a freaky huge enchilada with a cows worth of beef in it! They did not bring it out on a plate. They brought it out on a platter. The floor shook as they carried it out! Women and Children ran screaming when it entered the room. Even grown men trembled as it entered the room. OK - do you get it - It was really big. I wasn't scared, I am a big eater. I am a carnivore! So a dug in - and dug in and who I am trying to kid? The Mogzilla Gringo Enchilada kicked my ass. I only ate about 3/4 of it, but I'll be back.

In out next trip I had the Fish Taco. "Fish Taco... Even fish haters love this taco! Huge swai fillets (it's like tilapia) hand dipped in our homemade batter, fried crispy and tasty, then wrapped in our huge homemade flour tortillas with lettuce, our unique chipotle sour cream, cheese and pico de gallo. Holy Chihuahua! It's a meal!!" Now I have to admit I love fish tacos but I have had a hard time finding good fish taco's in Omaha. Here is the deal I either like the fish grilled or if it's breaded I want a nice light crisp breading. At Zemog's the fish is breaded and it is very but nice and crisp. Unlike most places you get a big hunk of fish! Being built on a good foundation of a great piece of fish, the go on to layer the flavors on perfectly. I can add Zemog's to a very short list of places with great fish taco's in Omaha.

During one of our trips I had some of their homemade lemon-aid. That was some really good stuff. This isn't a powdered mix, this home made lemon aid. It had a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Like all of the drinks at Zemog's, they serve it in a glass the size of popcorn bucket. Between the size of the drinks and the attentiveness of the wait staff, if your glass runs dry, you probably spilled it. By the way I spilled on our second trip. opps.

In Omaha you have a lot great choices for Mexican Food, but I encourage you to go check out Zemog's. They food is GREAT and the staff makes you feel at home!
So what are you waiting for - Get out of your rut and try something new - Try Zemog's

Zemog's Cocina Mexicana
10904 Q St
Omaha Nebraska

Call In Orders 402-933-2509

Fax In Orders 402-933-8226

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