Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why haven't you reviewed my restaurant ?

Why haven't you reviewed my restaurant ?

I get this question all the time.

So let me explain how Omaha YUM works.

Since I have been married, my wife and I have had our Friday or Saturday night date night. We usually go out to eat, we like to try different places, but we also frequent some of our favorites.
I decided one day to write about our positive experiences, because I thought it would be fun and a useful tool for other people like us who like to go out for dinner. We had found there was need for a guide to great food in the metro. So Omaha YUM was born.

Since then we have found locals and travelers both have followed our blog and we enjoy writting it! We have visitors from all over the country!

So If you would like you restaurant, cafe, diner, ice cream shop, coffee shop or any place the serves food reviewed on Omaha YUM. Here is what you need to do - Contact us!

We would love to chat with you.

We can't promise to grant every request, but If we are contacted by the Owner or Manager of the establishment we will review you request and contact you.

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